What is Kraftoons ?


KRAFTOONS is a 100% Eco Friendly 3D PAPER Toys made of recycled papers for children and is made using state of art technology. Our toys are ideal for organizing creative classes in schools, and in all types of children craft activities.

By painting our toys, the kids learn perseverance, attentiveness, develops gross fine motor skills, cognition and artistic imagination.


We are proudly associated with Shar Papier, Russia - World's leading manufacturer of paper toys. The experience of painting these toys is as realistic and enjoyable as bringing something to life.


Kraftoons Academy :


Kraftoons Academy , started with the vision to bring out best artistic & creative skills in every kid using our 3d Art and Craft programs with our skillful staff and make them the artist they want to be in the future.


Why are we unique?


A recast platform :


Current school curriculum encourages children to paint and colour in a 2D format. While Kraftoons give children the exposure to handle 3D toys which helps in developing imagination and creativity of the individual.


Innovative thinking :


We intend to develop the creative and innovative skills using our wide range of products.


A path from imagination to reality :


Our products help every kid bring in their imaginary characters to life in 3d format .


A sense of happiness :


As kids are naturally imaginative and creative, our toys give them the sense of satisfaction and happiness in bringing their visualization into reality and make them the creative artist they always wanted to be.